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Money Mastery 90 day 1:1 VIP Coaching is for you if you are ready to elevate your service-based business and take your wealth to the next level.

This is my most high touch, personally tailored, transformational and rapid results coaching program.

This exclusive 1 on 1 Money Mastery Coaching Program is a uniquely crafted experience designed especially for those who are committed to rewriting their money story.

Personalized Coaching Sessions:

Immerse yourself into my proven system and break free from the unique barriers holding you back.

Unwavering Accountability:

I stand by your side with 4 Zoom sessions per month, ensuring your progress towards the financial freedom you desire.

Tailored Resources:

Our world is teeming with opportunities, and this program provides you with a wide range of tools, materials and resources for your ongoing development and success.

Unlock Manifestation Magic:

Learn the sacred art of conscious creation and witness your dreams seamlessly transform into your reality.

Why This Program?

This program is the direct pathway to implementing effective, proven strategies and systems to become the powerful creator of your own abundant reality.

Limited Spots:

Due to the highly personalized nature of this coaching, spots are limited. The usual waitlist period is approximately two to four weeks so get the application started now.

Your Transformation Begins Right Now

If you're genuinely dedicated to transforming your life and forging a powerful alliance with money, then there's no better moment than the present to take action. Simply complete the short form below.

After I've had the privilege of reviewing your application, you'll receive access to my availability, and you can book a complimentary Money Mastery session.

Even if our paths don't align for this journey, you'll walk away with valuable insights: a crystal clear vision, uncover blocks and challenges and a newfound enthusiasm for your unique financial path.

It's time for you to step into your abundant, prosperous future.

Hi, I'm Irene

Inspiration | Impact | Implement| Income

From experiencing past financial challenges to finding financial freedom, I've learned the power of shifting my money vibe.

I created my first company in 2007, started helping multi-million dollar brands move to the online space. Now, I'm passionate about empowering women to embrace their financial potential, make more money than they thought possible, and create a freedom lifestyle they love.

I've been teaching these transformative techniques to passionate small business owners since 2018. Witnessing my clients thrive and achieve their financial goals brings me immense joy and fulfillment.

I'm excited about collaborating and the amazing results you'll achieve!

Abundance flows effortlessly when you believe in the infinite possibilities of your dreams and the limitless potential within yourself

- Irene Kachel

Are you ready to break free from financial limitations and embrace a life of abundance?

What You'll Get

Personalized Experience

Receive dedicated attention and tailored strategies to reach your goals faster than ever.

Proven Roadmap

Using my proven system, map a clear path to your financial aspirations, ensuring every step is aligned with your vision.

Deep Dive Sessions

4 monthly 1 on 1 private coaching sessions for in-depth laser focused support to fast track your results and success.

Access to Group Sessions

Supportive and transformative [New] group coaching program for additional guidance and collaboration to level up your business.

Access to Magic Money

Unlock limitless potential and another live touch point plus invaluable resources, tools during monthly live group sessions.

Immediate Program Access

Access to the comprehensive Magic Money self study course, ensuring you can revisit essential teachings for ongoing growth and development.

Unwavering Partnership

This program is more than just coaching; it's a 90 day partnership offering direct access to my expertise and guidance.


Dedicated and consistent email support, ensuring accountability and inspiration between sessions.

Investment in Your Transformation

The investment in yourself to work with Irene: full payment discount of $5,555 (Save $1,444) or 3 monthly payments of $2,333.

*By Application Only:

This private coaching program is available by application only,

ensuring an exclusive, dedicated and focused approach for each client.

Ready to take control of your financial destiny?

If you're committed to transforming your life, there's no better time than now to take action.

Apply for Money Mastery 1:1 VIP Coaching, redefine your financial future and

embark on a journey towards financial abundance and empowerment.

Limited spots available.

The waitlist to get started is 2-4 weeks so secure your transformation today.

Disclaimer: Results may vary based on individual commitment and actions.


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